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Newsroom 新聞動態

Newsroom - This section provides the latest press releases and media coverage from So Klose.  Please bookmark this page and check it as often as you can.

新聞動態 - 來自緣來這麼近最新的新聞動態和媒體報導。

  • 14 Mar 2013 7:26 AM | Anonymous

    三週刊, 701, 14/03/2013 - Easter 2013 特約專輯

    3-Weekly, Issue 701, 14 March 2013 – Easter 2013 Special Edition

    緣來這麼近 (So Klose) 剛被香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商會合辦 2013年廈門工展會」甄選入圍100個香港富有代表性的品牌之一, 免費於於2013430日至55日廈門國際會展中心M館舉行的「品牌香港。時尚廊」展示區陳列品牌資料, 協助服務品牌拓展中港兩地單身才俊淑女的良緣, 想進一步了解可瀏覽

  • 25 Feb 2013 5:56 AM | Anonymous

    緣來這麼近最近被本港中文財經週刋「資本壹週」 於第308期「資本工商」]2013年二月版『美滿人生』專輯訪問。  


    有關訪問詳情, 按此。

    So Klose was recently interviewed by a local Chinese finance magazine "Capital Weekly" in its special edition Wonderful Life, Issue 308, Capital Commerce, February 2013.   

    The editorial team of Capital Commerce invited six local dating and matchmaking companies to introduce their services in its special edition Wonderful Lifeto the readers of “Capital Weekly”.

    For details about the interview, please Click Here.


  • 30 Jan 2013 6:08 AM | Anonymous

    把握十二五規劃機遇 放眼港澳 走入內地 連繫世界




    《國際商報》是我國商務領域具有行業獨佔性和權威性日報,是中國政府加入WTO時承諾的刊登進出口管理信息的指定媒體,是海外發行區域最大的中國財經報紙之一。是目前我國商務領域唯一的綜合型日報,其規模在國內商務報刊中名列前茅,日發行量達到40萬份。 《國際商報》的報名由鄧小平親筆題寫。其具有權威性、定位高、發行廣、合作靈活等特點。

    有關訪問詳情, 按此


    So Klose was honourably invited by the famous China National newspaper International Business for an Interview in Y2012-2013 HK-Macao special edition ofThe National 12th Five-Year Plan.  

    AboutInternational Business

    《International Business》is a daily newspaper published by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China published in Chinese.

    Focused on China’s economy, international policy and leading industries, International Business Daily is a leading publication for Chinese enterprises in the international trade industry.

    International Business Daily is great for understanding the China’s perspective on modern trade issues and offers detailed data on China’s current trade trends and trends in China’s economy.

    This is a great publication for those in the international trade industry who are learning Chinese and would like a free daily publication to develop their newspaper reading comprehension.  Chinese former chairman Deng Xiaoping personally wrote the newspaper’s name of "International Business".

    For details about the interview, please CLICK HERE.

  • 02 Jan 2013 6:51 AM | Anonymous

    《ELLEJanuary 2013 Special Edition : Making Your Dreams Come True – Find My Mr. Right

    So Klose was honourably invited by the famous French lifestyle magazine "ELLE" in its January 2013 special editionMaking Your Dreams Come Trueto share the tips on how toFind My Mr. Right.   (Note: the article is in Chinese version only)

    The editorial team of "ELLE" selected six tough New Year wishes in January 2013 edition and invited the guests from different sectors to share their insights on how to achieve the unachievables which may help you successfully fulfill your long-awaited goals.  《Find My Mr. Right》was selected as one of six tough new year wishes in 2013.

    Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle is also the world's largest fashion magazine.

    For details, please visit:

    or downloading a copy, please CLICK HERE.

    緣來這麼近很榮幸被法國著名時尚雜誌《ELLE》邀請專訪於第3032013年一月版專輯《Making Your Dreams Come True》分享如何『覓得有情人』。  

    ELLE》編輯部於2013年一月版專輯細選六大棘手新年願望,拜讀各路達人如何擺平熱門願望最難之處,當中的心法或許有助你成功實現多年心頭願。  而『覓得有情人』被選為六大棘手新年願望之一 。

    ELLE是著名法國時裝生活雜誌,以時尚導向,專注于時裝,美容,健康,娛樂的生活雜誌。ELLE雜誌也是世界上最大的時尚雜誌, 成為領導世界時尚的雜誌。

    有關訪問詳情, 請瀏覽

    或 , 下載副本 ,請按此





  • 12 Nov 2012 9:13 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose was honorably invited as a Guest Speaker at a full-time BBA course on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies” organized by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The course was organized in two separate sections on 12 November 2012.  There were about totally 70-80 students in these two sections. The contents of the talk given in the two sections include: the idea to start the company, the opportunity for this dating business, major problems encountered during start-up, financial management and future plans, etc.

    緣來這麼近很榮幸被【香港科技大學(HKUST)】邀請在 二0一二年十一月十二日作為該大學全日制工商管理學士課程「創業和小型企業研究」之演講嘉賓。

    當日課程劃分兩個環節進行, 現場共有大約70-80學生參與。演講內容包括:開創公司的起因,約會服務行業的機遇,在創業過程中遇到的問題,財務管理和未來計劃, 等等。

    Dr Wouter Stam (left), Assistant Professor of HKUST, presented a souvenir to Ms Carolyn Chan of So Klose after the talk.
  • 01 Oct 2012 4:07 AM | Anonymous

    【Weekend Weekly 新假期週刋- 料王, Issue 682, 1 Oct 2012】-  
    屢獲殊榮, 口碑載道, 港澳婚戀約會專家 Hong Kong-Macao Dating and Matchmaking Expert


  • 04 Sep 2012 6:58 AM | Anonymous

    [創意創業會Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)] So Klose is honored for being a member of Innovative Entrepreneur Association 緣來這麼近很榮幸成為創意創業會的會員

    So Klose is honored for being invited as a member by Innovative Entrepreneur Association.  On 4 September 2012, Dr Raymond Choy (right), President of IEA, presented a certificate of membership to So Klose, an awardee of Innovative Entrepreneur Awards 2012.

    Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)

    Innovative Entrepreneur Association is a non-profit organization founded by a group of "Innovative Entrepreneur Awards" past winners in Hong Kong.  In cooperation with the HKSAR government and other groups , IEA is committed to enhancing the business environment in Hong Kong and providing advices and assisting Innovative Entrepreneurs who faced difficulties and to enhance Hong Kong's competitiveness.


    創意創業會Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)

    「創意創業會Innovative Entrepreneur Association」由「創意創業大賞」得獎者組成,作為一個中國香港創立的非牟利團體,與特區政府及其他團體合作,致力提升香港的營商環境及協助「創意創業」人士面對困難和提供意見,提升香港的競爭能力。

  • 01 Sep 2012 11:07 AM | Anonymous

    [Dynamix Media 創動力媒體 - <自作業>第7輯.]So Klose Interview in Dynamix free online Radio Program 緣來這麼近被邀出席創動力媒體 《自作業》為專訪嘉賓

    Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose, was invited to a radio show by a Hong Kong free online radio station, Dynamix Media, in “entrepreneurship” episode to talk about her aspiration and journey starting her unique dating services business.  (broadcast : 1 September 2012). 

    Since going live in 2011, Dynamix Media has grown significantly to become one of popular free online radio sources among youths in Hong Kong.

    Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose, picture with founder of Dynamix Media online Radio Station, Mr Patrick Au Yeung

    緣來這麼近®很榮幸地被邀出席創動力媒體 《自作業》  第7輯 節目專訪嘉賓,  分享創業甜酸苦辣、高低起跌 , 由當初「Home Office」,到獲頒「創意創業大獎」,成功招攬及撮合極多超高質單身男女,究竟成功之道在哪? [二0一二年九月一日播出]


  • 31 Aug 2012 7:52 AM | Anonymous

    [City Junior Chamber's Monthly Newsletter - City Voice, Aug 2012| 城市青年商會刊 -城市之聲, 2012年8月] 創意創業大賞頒獎禮

  • 23 Aug 2012 8:10 AM | Anonymous

    緣來這麼近榮獲「第16屆 稻香創意創業大賞(創業組)」殊榮

    緣來這麼近屢獲行業首創殊榮 - 傲視同儕

    香港2012年8月23日電 /美通社亞洲/ -- 亞洲首家獲得 ISO9001:2008 認證的婚戀介紹中介機構緣來這麼近 (So Klose) 剛榮獲「第16屆 稻香創意創業大賞(創業組)」殊榮。選舉主辦機構城市青年商會,授以表現突出的參賽單位,旨在確認創業者或創意企業者的成就和概念。

    (Photo: )

    (Logo: )

    「第16屆 稻香創意創業大賞」頒獎禮於2012年8月17日假香港凱悅酒店隆重舉行,出席嘉賓逾150人,場面熱鬧。出席嘉賓包括選舉評判、支持機構、商界領袖、工商先進、記者及得獎公司代表等。

    「第16屆 稻香創意創業大賞」今年以「BE CREATIVE,就係鍾意.創!」為主題,透過品牌互動,讓社會各階層(中小企業、贊助機構、支持機構及公眾人士)了解香港人的創意創業精神,使大眾明白積極創新對香港社會的重要性。「稻香創意創業大獎(創業組)」旨在鼓勵及肯定創業者在創業過程中以豐富的創意及新元素致使公司能在市場中佔一席位。參賽公司必須在香港成立,擁有最少2年至最多6年的業務經營歷史及曾推出具有創意性的產品、服務或營運模式。


    評審團評委之一的香港貿易發展局製造業拓展總監周瑞(鹿生)先生在頒獎禮上說:「陳小姐有敏銳的洞察力,善於捕捉市場縫隙(niche market)的市場潛力。」緣來這麼近(R)的總監 Carolyn Chan 說:「此次獲獎對緣來這麼近來說是一個很大的榮譽,被認可為在市場上具創新性的企業家。獲得該獎項的因素包括:榮獲多項首創的殊榮, 突破及創新市場上的同類服務。這些榮譽獎項,有助提升緣來這麼近在香港市場的地位,在競爭激烈的環境中脫穎而出。因此,緣來這麼近(R)有著與城市青年商會共同一致的願景,堅持不懈地以創意為本,追求卓越。」






    關於緣來這麼近 (So Klose)


      -- 榮獲城市青年商會頒發「第十六屆稻香創意創業大賞」

      -- 榮獲香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商聯合會頒發的


      -- 亞洲業界首家榮獲 ISO9001:2008 質量管理體系認證。

      -- 香港首家以「獵頭方式」為其客戶精準尋覓目標伴侶的度身定


      -- 榮獲2010年知識產權署頒發「知識資本管理卓越成就獎」及



    如需了解更多關於緣來這麼近的資訊,請瀏覽網站 )。


    Carolyn Chan





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