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[Online Dating Scam] A pair of Hong Kong sisters are being cheated 3.6 million through Online Dating

15 Jun 2016 10:25 AM | Anonymous

A pair of Hong Kong sisters are being cheated 3.6 million through Online Dating

Traditional Chinese: 香港一對姐妹網上交友不慎 錯信“股神”被騙360萬

June 15, 2016

Original title: Hong Kong a pair of sisters Online Dating accidentally wrong letter, 'Warren' cheated 3.6 million

BEIJING, June 15, according to Hong Kong's Sing Tao Daily >> << reports, who lives in a hut in Hong Kong Lok Ma Chau beautiful girl, met online three months ago a 'stock altar talent,' developed into lovers but finds her lover was a very great liar, coaxed by their stock, repeatedly transferred to the other side, while her departure earlier and more directly to their cell sister requested transfer two million yuan (HK $, the same below) 'margin call.' Then her boyfriend such as missing disappeared, the two sisters have been cheated out of family savings to total 3.6 million yuan, the mother was informed angry emotional, family, yesterday (14) morning report to help police deal with fraud columns, looking for the name of love liar.

Hong Kong girl indulgence online scammers invest 3.6 million yuan wasted. The new site in Tan Chuk Yuen village road an unnumbered hut, lived Sin's wife and two daughters and a son, 26-year-old eldest daughter were 'Awei' 24-year-old second daughter 'Ashanti' and 18-year-old son. Sin mother earlier about millions receive a compensation for land resumption, the large sums of money deposited by the bank and take care of two women.

It read in five Xian brother said, good appearance Juan Ashanti sister, and her boyfriend broke up two years ago, three months ago through a website, get to know a foreign name Thomas (Thomas) men, each claiming to serve designers, skilled equity investments, Fairview Park in Yuen Long live, because he can articulate, deep Ashanti favor, soon developed into lovers. Sister Ewei tandem two outings, the other more opportunistic boast its stock and investment experience.

Sisters with their families, after deliberations, considered 'stock altar Talent' teach road there gains, two sisters repeatedly transferred to other stocks, and each club has money, Ashanti family because I have spent one million yuan in the first phase Yuen Long home, to make money for the building, it has already given each other a hundred million investment.

Earlier, Thomas Ashanti while departures are in Guangzhou, went so far as to call their own cell sister Ewei girlfriend, claiming stocks lost in urgent need of 2 million yuan to cover short positions Fanben, A Wei believed, not looking Ashanti deliberations, the sum is about large sums of money transfer to the other side.

Ashanti recently began returning eligible cell sister say so, the cumulative total of 3.6 million yuan investment, Ashanti days of contact boyfriend is understood that the other disappeared as missing might have been deceived, last night (13th) with his mother and family deliberations. Xian Wen mother the most exciting news, big sigh believe the wrong person. 1 o'clock yesterday morning, 18-year-old younger brother decided to go to the police station, the police column of fraud processed by the border District criminal investigation team, no one has been arrested.


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