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Newsroom 新聞動態

Newsroom - This section provides the latest press releases and media coverage from So Klose.  Please bookmark this page and check it as often as you can.

新聞動態 - 來自緣來這麼近最新的新聞動態和媒體報導。

  • 23 Aug 2012 8:04 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose Wins 2012 Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award

    So Klose Industry Firsts – Leading the Way

    HONG KONG, Aug. 23, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- So Klose, Asia's the first ISO9001:2008 certified dating agency, has won "The 16th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award" which was organized by City Junior Chamber (CJC) in recognition of the company and its founder that pursue excellence and embrace innovative ideas, relentlessly.

    (Photo: )

    (Logo: )

    The Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Presentation Ceremony was successfully held on 17th August 2012 at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong. More than 150 guests attended the prize presentation ceremony. The guests included panels of judges, supporting organizations, leading businessmen, reporters and representatives from the winning companies.

    This year's theme is "Be Creative, we love Innovation". The awards aim at encouraging and recognizing entrepreneurs on applying creativity and innovation in their journeys of creating a startup, and acknowledging Hong Kong companies established for at least 2 years to at most 6 years which have developed/launched an innovative product, service or process during the said period.

    So Klose(R) went through an initial screening by Judging Panel; was short-listed as finalists and invited for the final judging interview. The judging criteria will be primarily based on Originality, Creativity and Uniqueness, Risk Management, Financial Management, Marketing Strategy, Management Approach, Industry or Public Recognition, Developmental Prospects, Social Responsibility and any other information relevant for consideration.

    One of the judges, Mr. Ralph Chow, Director of Product Promotion, Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said at the ceremony, "Ms Chan gained insights into potential niche market of elite singles and was aware of its high potential." Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose said, "It is a great honour for So Klose to be recognized as a creative and innovative entrepreneur in the marketplace. Factors contributing to receiving the award include innovation through pioneering dating services with numerous 'first' of its kind in the marketplace. This prestigious award would elevate So Klose's local presence to stand out in the competitive environment. So Klose's objectives are aligned with City Junior Chamber's vision, which is to pursue excellence and embrace innovative ideas, relentlessly."

    About Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Awards

    Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur is a project organized by City Junior Chamber (CJC) to acknowledge these successful entrepreneurs who have been silently working. JC hopes that these model entrepreneurs can inspire the public to start their own businesses. his year is the 16th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur anniversary, throughout which CJC has already presented awards to 150 different awardees, and marked a very important milestone for this project.

    This project also aims at encouraging people from different backgrounds who wish to start their own businesses, to stand out in the competitive environment, and to become the cream of the crop in their creativity.

    About City JuniorChamber (CJC)

    City Junior Chamber was established in 1981, which is one of the 19 local chapters of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK) and an all-man chamber and using Chinese as official language. There are more than 230 members, representing a network of highly motivated and forward looking young men who are mostly entrepreneurs or executives from a wide range of trades and businesses, who make full use of their leisure hours to work for the betterment of the community and themselves.

    The purpose of JCIHK is to contribute to the advancement of the global community by providing the opportunity for the young people to develop their leadership skills, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, and fellowship necessary to create positive changes.

    About SO KLOSE.COM

    Engineered by the best, these So Klose "firsts" have become standards in the dating and matchmaking industry:

    -- Awarded "The 16th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award" by City Junior Chamber

    -- Named "HK Emerging Service Brand 2011" jointly by Hong Kong Brand Development Council and The Chinese Manufacturer's Association of Hong Kong

    -- Being the first matchmaking agency in Asia to achieve ISO9001:2008 quality management systems certification.

    -- The first bespoke introduction agency in Hong Kong to launch "Hunting Method" to search the target potential partner for its clients.

    -- Received The "Excellence in ICM Award" and "Pioneer In Intellectual Capital Management" from Intellectual Property Department (IPD) in 2010.

    The profile of So Klose members are mainly single professionals, executives and entrepreneurs coming from all over the world. Since its inception, So Klose has been receiving overwhelming responses from the single elites within the local communities. Now, 40% of So Klose's new clients are referrals by their friends (i.e. So Klose's successful matching couples). The vast majority of members (97%) have university degrees. The majority of male members (70%) and about half of female members (48%) have studied overseas; 47% of So Klose male members are the top 5% income earners in Hong Kong population; while 46% of So Klose female members are the top 18% income earners which have annual incomes exceeding half million.

    More information about SO KLOSE.COM is available at

    Contact Details

    Carolyn Chan


    Tel: +852-3977-0517



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  • 22 Aug 2012 6:12 AM | Anonymous
    So Klose:數百萬年薪年輕印尼華僑在港公開徵婚

    香港2012年8月21日電 /美通社亞洲/ -- 婚戀介紹中介機構緣來這麼近 (So Klose) 正幫助一位印尼年輕才俊在香港尋找終身伴侶,並誠邀合適人選參加在香港的面試。

    (Logo: )

    婚戀介紹中介機構緣來這麼近 (So Klose) 創辦人 Carolyn 指出:「香港女性獨立、氣質優雅、打扮漂亮大方及工作能力高,並且具有中國人的傳統美德,孝順父母、尊敬長輩,因此吸引著來自世界各地男士的欣賞,亦深深打動到一位印尼年輕才俊,讓他希望在香港尋找他的終身伴侶。」



    ?來這麼近 (So Klose) 的約會顧問會安排合適者在香港面試,查詢及報名參加詳情(請附上近照),請瀏覽 或電郵至 )。

    ?來這麼近 (So Klose) 公司介紹


      -- 亞洲業界首家榮獲 ISO9001:2008 質量管理體系認證

      -- 榮獲城市青年商會頒發「第十六屆稻香創意創業大賞」

      -- 榮獲香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商聯合會頒發的「2011年


      -- 榮獲2010年知識產權署頒發「知識資本管理卓越成就獎」及






    伯樂公關有限公司 Baron Public Relations Limited




    蔡鍵儀 Kiny Choi



  • 22 Aug 2012 5:50 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose: Young Indonesian Millionaire Looking for Miss Right in Hong Kong

    HONG KONG, Aug. 21, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- So Klose, a matchmaking agency, is helping an Indonesian young man look for his Miss Right in Hong Kong and is now inviting suitable ladies to join the interviews.

    (Logo: )

    Founder of So Klose matchmaking agency, Carolyn said: "Hong Kong ladies are known to be independent, elegant, charming, graceful and competent. With the retention of traditional Chinese virtues like being filial to parents and respectful to seniors, they are highly appreciated by gentlemen around the world. A high-flying Indonesian young man is one such follower, looking for his Miss Right in Hong Kong."

    From a Chinese family in Jakarta that runs many businesses in the country, this young gentleman has brilliant talent in business. He started his own enterprise since graduation and in just two years the results were remarkable. He now makes millions of Hong Kong dollars a year, despite being in his 20s.

    The good looking guy is a devout Christian who is benevolent like a traditional Chinese. He also loves children, making donations to help the upbringing and education of four children living in poverty.

    This kind-hearted young entrepreneur has a special liking for Hong Kong ladies. He is earnestly looking for a life partner who he will share the rest of his life with and who will build a family with him in Indonesia. Now, a once-in-a-life-time opportunity is knocking at Hong Kong ladies' doors. So Klose is cordially inviting participation from ladies, who aspire for a family life, take care of family members and are willing to live in Indonesia. Interested parties can visit for more details.

    A Dating Consultant from So Klose will arrange interviews for suitable candidates. For enquiries and registration (a recent photo is required), please visit or email

    About So Klose

    So Klose is the first matchmaking agency with a "Headhunting" approach in Hong Kong, accurately making a shortlist of potential partners for its clients. Its members are mainly singleton professionals, executive officers and entrepreneurs. It has received many honours unprecedented in the industry, including:

    -- Being the first matchmaking agency in Asia to receive

    ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate

    -- Awarded the 16th Innovative Entrepreneur Award by City

    Junior Chamber

    -- Named "HK Emerging Service Brand 2011" jointly by Hong

    Kong Brand Development Council and The Chinese

    Manufacturer's Association of Hong Kong

    -- Received "Excellence in Intellectual Capital Management"

    and "Commended Pioneer Enterprise in Intellectual Capital

    Management" from Intellectual Property Department in 2010

    Tel: +852-6960-0003



    For Media enquiry, please contact:

    Baron Public Relations Limited

    Tel: +852-2153-6566

    Fax: +852-2153-6524


    Kiny Choi

    Mob: +852-9248-1079


  • 17 Aug 2012 6:48 AM | Anonymous
    [Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報 - 2012817]

    16屆稻香創意創業大賞特刊 - 緣來這麼近®為專業人士婚配  策略靈活創新

    [Hong Kong Economic Times 經濟日報 - 2012817]

    16屆稻香創意創業大賞特刊 - 緣來這麼近®為專業人士婚配  策略靈活創新

    大題: 為專業人士婚配  策略靈活創新

    本港女多男少,婚戀約會服務需求甚殷。然而市場競爭激烈,為脫穎而出,兩年前才成立的約會服務機構緣來這麼近®遂定位於縫隙市場(Niche Market),以高學歷和高收入的專業人士為服務對象,提供一對一配對服務。現時,會員除來自本港外,還有來自內地、澳門、台灣、東南亞及歐美澳加等地

    小題: ISO認證  增客戶信心

    創業初期,由於缺乏知名度和資源有限,緣來這麼近®主要透過互聯網宣傳。開業短短兩年,該公司已取得多項香港業界首創的殊榮, 包括: 香港特區政府知識產權署頒發的「知識資本管理卓越成就獎」,及香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商聯合會頒發的「2011年香港新星服務品牌」;並成為亞洲業界首家榮獲 ISO9001:2008 質量管理體系認證的公司。不但提升了知名度,更增強客戶的信心。

    緣來這麼近®的收費模式是根據配對的難度而釐定的收費制度, 而難度則取決於顧客的年齡與性別,以務求令不同年齡組別的客戶感到合理。該公司總監梁陳秀琼認為,要成功創業,必須全情投入,對從事的行業充滿熱誠,同時要具備創新和靈活的策略。

  • 04 Aug 2012 5:50 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose was invited as Special Guest Speaker at a part-time general course on “Finding online business opportunities based upon your interest” organized by CUSCS

    So Klose was honorably invited as Special Guest Speaker at a part-time general course on “Finding online business opportunities based upon your interest” organized by School of Continuing and Professional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS).  The sharing session was held on Saturday, 4 August 2012 at 2:30pm. Topics include:  how to turn your Idea / interest into an online business (So; how to start up your plan; how to locate your market, and to share the tips on starting or running online business, etc.


    緣來這麼近很榮幸被邀【香港中文大學專業進修學院】兼讀制短期課程「從興趣發掘網上商機」之分享嘉賓。  經驗分享環節於201284 (星期六) 下午2:30pm舉行。 分享內容包括: 如何把你的想法/興趣變為網上業務(緣來這麼近); 如何開始你的計劃; 如何找到你的市場, 及網上業務運作的提示, 等等。


  • 01 Aug 2012 7:10 AM | Anonymous

    A Thousand-li Journey: To Seek Hong Kong Famous Brand
    齊心協力 共創品牌盛世 - 香港名牌選舉正當時

    [Let's Go 粤港直通| Issue No. 107, 2012]

    The firm foundation stone is needed when the business want to become immortal corporation.  The efficient method to break out of competitor's encirclement is brandwidth.  It is because the customers tend to choose the brand that is well-known.   The Hong Kong Development Council is holding The "Hong Kong Top Brand Award & Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards" and "Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards", which provides a chance to the famous brand of Hong Kong for showing-off.

  • 26 Jul 2012 10:55 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose was invited as Guest Speaker at City Lady Junior Chamber’s July Seminar【城市女青年商會】緣來這麼近被邀 城市女青年商會七月份月會 之分享嘉賓

    緣來這麼近被邀城市女青年商會七月份月會之分享嘉賓。月會主題「友來有往」於2012726 (星期四)晚上7:30pm 九龍城景國際舉行。 分享內容包括: 男女比例失衡情況有進一步擴大情況,現代男女會如何選擇對象或有甚麼要求, 及請分享有趣/成功的個案。

  • 25 Jul 2012 11:06 AM | Anonymous

    【東方日報 - 25 July 2012】香港品牌頒獎禮

    中環出更:劉美詩腳頭好 帶旺新公司








  • 25 Jul 2012 9:49 AM | Anonymous

    【都市日報】 婚戀介紹生意好景







  • 24 Jul 2012 7:29 AM | Anonymous
    So Klose was invited as the Special Guest Speaker at Hong Kong Top Brand and Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards Press Conference 2012


    Ms Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose, was invited as one of the special guest speaker to share her experience in Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Award at the Hong Kong Top Brand and Emerging Brand Awards 2012 Press Conference on 24 July 2012, organized by the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and Hong Kong Chinese Manufacturers' Association.

    From 2010 onwards, the BDC and CMA introduced the ‘Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards’, which, targeted at product brands and service brands respectively, aim to give recognition to up-and-coming young brandnames established by Hong Kong companies. Entries into the new Awards should be aged less than eight years, and the number of winners will be capped at five for each category.

    The new award scheme would serve as an incubation base for the Hong Kong Top Brand Awards and Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards, and its reviewing mechanism is modeled after the latter, with deliberate modifications to accommodate the special characteristics of emerging brands. Entries into the Emerging Awards will be assessed mainly based on six factors, i.e. Reputation, Distinctiveness, Innovation, Quality, Image, and Environmental Performance and Social Responsibility, yet with an emphasis on Innovation and Quality. The judging process comprises on-site assessment and a review by the Final Judging Panel; but unlike the Top Brand Awards, there will be no public polling.

    To enhance synergy, the working schedules for ‘Hong Kong Top Brand Awards & Hong Kong Top Service Brand Awards’ and ‘Hong Kong Emerging Brand Awards & Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Awards’ are well-aligned. The enrolment period started in early July and will end on 31 August.

    So Klose believes that the competition was a very meaningful one as it helps promote Hong Kong Brands among Hong Kong public.


    緣來這麼近被邀出任香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商聯合會主辦於724日舉行的2012年「香港新星品牌選舉暨香港新星服務品牌選舉」新聞發佈會特別嘉賓, 就得獎心得發言及經驗分享。






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