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Newsroom - This section provides the latest press releases and media coverage from So Klose.  Please bookmark this page and check it as often as you can.

新聞動態 - 來自緣來這麼近最新的新聞動態和媒體報導。

  • 20 Sep 2016 7:31 AM | Anonymous

    擇偶新趨勢 怕對方成經濟負累
    嫌女友學歷差 膚淺男想搵第二個  










    行政人員婚配服務公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn Chan指,以前多數是女生嫌棄男生學歷,但近年情況開始逆轉,「部分男生認為女伴如果學歷高,收入不會太差,婚後家庭擔子也不會全落在男方身上!」




  • 14 Sep 2016 7:04 AM | Anonymous

    Kiss goodbye to bad dates, time-wasters, and online dating horror stories, it's time to find "the one".

    5 Reasons Why Matchmaking Services Beat Online Dating

    In today’s fast-paced world, finding your perfect love match can often seem like an arduous task. While many hopeful singles turn to online dating to explore their options, a growing number of Hong Kongers are recognising one-to-one matchmaking services as a more fruitful way to meet potential partners. We catch up with Carolyn Chan, director of multi award-winning one-on-one dating service, So Klose, to find out why.

    Whether in the online or offline world, dating can be a challenging experience. Many people who have not succeeded in meeting their match the old-fashioned way look to online dating as an option, but find it to be such a trial that they give up early on. Too many mismatches, bad dates, fake or inactive profiles, time-wasters, and horror stories have driven them away from online dating – and perhaps dating altogether. Not to mention the alarming rise in online dating scams in Hong Kong which, last year alone, cheated 62 hopeful singles out of a combined HK$32.4 million.

    It should be reassuring to know, then, that there is another way to meet like-minded individuals with whom to build a meaningful and lasting relationship – in the form of one-to-one matchmaking services – and the benefits are five-fold. But first things first, it’s important to choose a trustworthy service provider which is internationally qualified and certified. Be careful if you find a company with a high complaint rate and a dispute resolution department – this should be a red flag. Once you find the right provider, you can enjoy the benefits of one-to-one matchmaking, which are:

    1. It’s More Secure and Private

    When it comes to dating – whether online or offline – safety should always come first, and matchmaking services make this a number one priority. Unlike online dating apps, where you must stay anonymous until you’ve met in person, and avoid giving out your phone number, address, or other identifying information until you know who you are dealing with, you don’t need to be so cautious when meeting someone through a matchmaking service, because there are no hidden identities. Before dating, you will already have the full background information of your matches, and only relevant and compatible ones will be introduced to you.

    2. It Makes More Intelligent Matching

    Before joining our matchmaking service, each qualified applicant must go through an in-depth interview during which our consultant will verify their identity documents and qualifications. This means that all customers are 100 percent verified before the matchmaking process has even begun. The next step is for the matchmaking service to personally meet every potential match by conducting one-on-one consultations, hand-selecting, and vetting through a strict and thorough entry screening system. The consultant should understand your values, and what you are looking for, and be able to identify suitable and intelligent matches.

    3. It Saves Time … and Disappointment

    When it comes to time, Hong Kongers don’t have much to spare. Between long shifts at work, frequent ad-hoc business meetings, and travel for work, it’s no surprise that navigating the dating world tends to fall to the bottom of our ‘to do list’. That’s where matchmaking services come to the rescue. Unlike online dating, you don’t need to spend hours screening potential candidates because we do the job for you. Plus, before any meet ups with potential prospects, our consultant will provide you with the background and personal information meaning you avoid unsuitable pairings and also dealing with the disappointment after a mismatched date.

    4. It Screens Out the ‘Playboys’ and the ‘Playgirls’

    Many online daters are out to have fun for fun’s sake, so you need to be wary of this. However, the in-depth interview and screening process conducted by the matchmaker enables you to screen out any playboys or playgirl, leaving you with more suitable candidates who are looking for similar things in a romantic partner. Based on our experiences, those who join our services are real and serious singles seeking a serious relationship – and we are able to help them find this.

    5. You Can Be Yourself

    When you feel safe, you feel more relaxed. The benefits this has on your dating life are immeasurable, as you can be yourself and enjoy meeting potential partners. Meeting a date for the first time can be a nerve-racking experience, however, because you will already know the personal details, appearance, and background information of who you are meeting before you go, thanks to the hard work of your matchmaking consultant, you can simply focus on getting to know your date in a secure space, and decide if you would like to see them again. With any luck – you will.


  • 26 Aug 2016 7:59 AM | Anonymous



    「現在勤力讀書,第時有份好工實會識到好女仔。」以上對白香港男士在讀書時期都一定聽過,到投身社會回看這句勸勉,不知是感激父母多,還是後悔誤信讒言多呢?根據統計處數據,男性和女性初婚年齡中位數,分別從1991年的29.1歲和26.2歲,上升至去年的31.2歲和29.3歲,反映遲婚甚至不婚情況有上升趨勢,主要原因便是教育水平提升,導致個人工作和成婚時機推遲,香港首間為高學歷及高收入人士提供婚姻介紹服務的公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」創辦人Carolyn就話,遲婚現象在金融行業的專業人士更為普遍,皆因金融工作實在太忙了。


  • 19 Aug 2016 9:54 AM | Anonymous

    緣來這麼近接受 一本有Heart的財經雜誌"港股策略王"訪問探討 "香港遲婚問題加劇 高學歷做金融最高危"

    So Klose was interviewed by Strategist magazine (

  • 10 Aug 2016 9:00 AM | Anonymous

    陪女神踩單車氣喘 港男被嘲無用





     「緣來這麼近So Klose」配對顧問Carolyn Chan指,女事主可主動了解男方狀態不佳的原因,好讓男士下台。她建議,如男事主要化解尷尬,可主動說笑逗女方開心,或提議下次約會的活動,以展示強項及挽回印象。




  • 19 May 2016 8:29 AM | Anonymous

    80full-paid買舊樓 仍被女友家人嫌棄

    【晴報專訊】古時婚嫁說門當戶對,惟現實有人搣不掉此觀念。有80後港男呻儲得第一桶金full paid買了舊樓,卻被女友家人嫌三嫌四。有配對公司指部分全職母親罕見世面,仍以身家揀女婿。社工建議家長抱開放態度,接納子女的另一半。




    行政人員婚配服務公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn Chan指,部分家長目光短淺,會以對方現月入多少及住哪類樓,衡量是否讓子女交往。「曾有媽媽認為女兒在加拿大留學,非常馨香,即使男友擁有碩士學歷,仍認為他配不上女兒,要求甚麼都好過女兒、一項也不能遜色!」













  • 17 May 2016 7:06 AM | Anonymous







    自恃有選擇 40歲仍單身

    行政人員婚配服務公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn Chan指,部分女生較物質主義,無考慮另一半對她的好,而錯過良緣。「曾有位做投資銀行的女生,32歲時嫌男友人工比她低三、四千元,覺得嫁給他太蝕底而拒婚。」女生自恃有選擇,結果到40歲仍未有對象。












  • 11 Mar 2016 9:23 AM | Anonymous

    新書發佈:《Secrets to Drama-Free Love》今天在美國和香港發售

    這本新文集集合多國婚戀權威人士著作,包括由香港領先的職業紅娘 -- 緣來這麼近(So Klose)的創始人 Carolyn Chan 撰寫這本新文集的一章, 揭示經過驗證的解決方案,讓單身人士利用這些方案來找到、建立和維繫合適的戀愛關係

    香港2016年3月11日電 /美通社/ -- 由獲得多項大獎的國際領導者、作家、勵志演說家和靈魂伴侶方面的公認專家 Lorii Abela 編撰的文集Secrets to Drama-Free Love今天將在美國和香港發售。每位為這本書撰寫文章的人士,當中包括緣來這麼近(So Klose)的創始人 Carolyn Chan 撰寫這本新文集的一章,都是幫助世界各地的人們追尋真愛的達人,很快所有人都將受益於這本書,擁有他們保守得最好的戀愛秘密。

    Abela 表示:「我在世界多國召集了九位最為權威的人士來分享他們的知識和專長。這些權威人士包括生活和情感關係教練、職業紅娘、心理學家、網上約會專家與風水專家,他們在戀愛、約會和情感關係方面擁有真實可靠的解決方案。」

    新書《Secrets to Drama-Free Love》分成三大部分 -- 自愛、尋找戀愛對象和保持戀愛關係。在讀過這本書後,人們不僅將瞭解更多的自我知識,還將學習如何避免為總是獨自一人而感到沮喪、不開心和煩惱。這本新書是如此引人入勝、令人嘆服和發人深省,以至於它肯定能夠成為國際暢銷書。

    Singles Warehouse 行政總裁 Jonathan Bird 說:「你是不是總是在錯誤的地方尋找愛情?《Secrets to Drama-Free Love》將進行深度分析,幫助你找到你應該擁有的愛情。書中的文章均由各領域內貨真價實的專家撰寫,讀者將由此踏上自我發現之旅,並開始走出自己所堆砌的高牆,嘗試著開始約會。」

    眾多權威人士在Secrets to Drama-Free Love中分享了他們的思想和想法,包括香港領先的職業紅娘 -- 行政人員婚戀配對服務公司緣來那麼近的創始人 Carolyn Chan、情感關係專家 Maryanne Comaroto、風水大師 Albert Cheung 及國際演講家和培訓師 Deanna Morae。

    情感關係專家 Eve Hogan 表示:「在你的感情生活中發生了太多故事?Lorii Abela 聚集了十位專家來撰寫《Secrets to Drama-Free Love》,他們來自於從自愛到利用風水改善情感關係、網上約會、 婚戀配對和動態接觸技巧等眾多領域的各個方面。如果你能愈早讀到《Secrets to Drama-Free Love》這本書,那麼你將獲益良多,為自己創造平凡而又真實的愛情!」

    Secrets to Drama-Free Love 現已於亞馬遜 (Amazon) 發售

    新書官方網站 : 


  • 11 Mar 2016 9:16 AM | Anonymous

    'Secrets to Drama-Free Love' Releases In the US and Hong Kong Today

    New Annthology, Which Includes A Chapter Written by So Klose Founder Carolyn Chan, Will Reveal Proven Solutions That Singles Use to Help Them Find, Catch, and Keep the Right Relationship

    HONG KONG, March 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --"Secrets to Drama Free Love", an anthology compiled by Lorii Abela -- a multi-awarded international leader, author, motivational speaker, and acknowledged expert on soul mates, will be released in the US and Hong Kong today. Each of the book's contributors, including So Klose founder Carolyn Chan, are the cream of the crop when it comes to helping people from around the world find true love; and soon everyone will have access to their best-kept secrets.

    "I have brought 9 top authorities together from around the globe to share their knowledge and expertise," said Abela. "They are life and relationship coaches, matchmakers, psychologists, online dating, and feng-shui experts who have real and proven solutions to love, dating, and relationships."

    The book is divided into three phases -- loving self, finding relationships, and keeping relationships.  "People will not only learn more about themselves, they will learn to avoid feeling frustrated, unhappy, and worried about being alone forever. This book is so riveting, compelling, and thought-provoking that it promises to be an international best seller."

    Jonathan Bird, CEO of Singles Warehouse said, "Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? 'Secrets to Drama-free Love' takes an in-depth approach to help you find the love you deserve. Written by experts in their fields who really know what they are talking about, you'll be taken on a journey of self-discovery and start to rip down the walls you've been putting up whilst trying to date."

    Hong Kong's leading matchmaker Carolyn Chan, founder of So Klose, an elite matchmaking services company, relationship expert Maryanne Comaroto, fungshui master Albert Cheung and international speaker and trainer Deanna Morae are just a few of the authorities who share their thoughts and ideas in "Secrets to Drama-Free Love." 

    "Too much drama in your love life? Lorii Abela has gathered ten experts in everything from self-love to enhancing your relationships with Feng Shui, online dating, matchmaking, dynamic touch techniques, and more. If you read this timely, personal resource, you'll have plenty of ways to create drama-free love for yourself!" -- Eve Hogan, Relationship Specialist.


  • 11 Mar 2016 6:08 AM | Anonymous

    Author Lorii Abela Releases Her New Book Secrets to Drama-Free Love

    This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

    New Hope For People Looking To Find And Retain Love

    “Never let passion die alone.” This is the message brought out by the newly published anthology on loving, finding and keeping a soul mate.

    Every single secretly longs for that one conversation with an expert that will change their life forever. That conversation can now easily happen over coffee, in the form of a new anthology:Secrets to Drama-Free Love: Proven Solutions That Singles Use to Help Them Find, Catch, and Keep the Right Relationship.

    The human heart defies and shuns expertise, but still remains in need of guidance from people who have been there and done that. Lorii Abela, author, speaker, coach, matchmaker and CEO of FilipinoSweetie dating site, felt the widening gap and brought together experienced, global practitioners in the dating and relationship domain to lay bare some secrets they have long known. 

    The result is Secrets to Drama-Free Love, a must-read-before-that-first-kiss collection of dating advice, stories and expert testimony that will make singles spend a whole evening or night in disbelief as they absorb global wisdom addressing every heartache known to aspiring lovers.

    Among other things, the authors tackle how self-love and acceptance forms the starting point of change. They reveal the lesser known facts about cross-cultural dating.  Learn how matchmakers can make next Valentine’s Day what it should be or how to approach that girl who could be the next Ms. Universe. And wind up by knowing how to hear “yes” in 30 days!

    The book promises no drama to every single heart.  It is comprised of handpicked international dating experts, speakers and coaches who cover three major aspects of bonding: loving self, finding a relationship and keeping a relationship.

    Aside from Lorii Abela, here are the other featured authors:

    • Maryanne Comaroto, M.A., CCHT, is a relationship expert, radio personality, seminar leader, and award-winning author. Her weekly radio show, Maryanne Live!, reaches millions of listeners in 130 countries worldwide. She’s a go-to expert for Neil Cavuto on Fox News, ABC’s View from the BayHollywood LifeeHarmony, WetPaint,  and In Touch Online.

    • Svetlana Mukha – CEO and leading matchmaker of Diolli and Paradise Date. She is the winner of the 2016 Idate Award for “Best Matchmaker” and a finalist in “Best Product Design.” Svetlana believes that love knows no borders and for 8 years has been successfully matching Ukrainian ladies with gentlemen from international countries.

    • Master Albert Cheung (BSc.Tech) is a scholar and lecturer on the subject of Chinese metaphysics and wisdom. He has created and designed a wide range of books and products: “Success on all levels,” “The I-Ching Wisdom,” “The I-Ching Pictorial Guide,” “The Strategy & Tactics (card & book set),” “The Emperor’s Stargate,” all of which provide simple techniques to be easily applied in everyday life.

    Carolyn Chan is the founder of So Klose, an ISO9001:2008 certified and multi award-winning elite matchmaking-services company that provides dating, matchmaking and personal introduction services.  She is a Certified Matchmaker of The Matchmaking Institute in New York and a China National Certified Matchmaking Consultant of the China Human Resource Burea

    • Mykim Tran – CEO of Wake Up Foundation, Mykim is a speaker, educator, author and life and happiness expert.  She seeks to help transform individuals in order for them to create a lifestyle they love through believing in themselves and using their inner strength and talent.

    • Christy Goldstein is a certified life and relationship coach. She writes for Yourtango and various other dating websites. She was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in 2007, has undergone 56 surgeries and has made it her duty to bring awareness to EDS and its counterpart illnesses.

    • Deanna Morae is the creator and founder of Blissology, a touch technique that brings passion and connection to intimate relationships. As an international speaker and trainer, she teaches this dynamic touch technique to couples all over the world to help them find and maintain deep, connected, loving relationships.

    • BettyLou Nelson – a conservative version of the well-known Fruitcake Lady on TV, giving wise, candid advice to mature women. She has co-authored two best-selling books: Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life and Manifesting a New Life. She is recently married at age 72.

    Passion is what keeps the world going. We must not let it die. This truth is amply brought home by the new anthology, and I am sure singles will devour it cover to cover and find their soul-mate, all without the usual drama that made them stay away in the first place,” said publisher and compiler Lorii Abela.

    Secrets to Drama-Free Love is now available at:

    Proven Solutions That Singles Use to Help Them Find, Catch, and Keep the Right Relationship.



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