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NEXT MAGAZINE's "Brand Revolution 2011" Supplement Special 壹週刊之『創革品牌2011』

28 Jul 2011 9:21 AM | Anonymous

Next Magazine's "Brand Revolution 2011" Supplement Special, 

Issue 1116, 28 July 2011 


The birth and upkeep of a brand have always been an important factor in a brand's success.   And the ability to remain afresh in consumers' minds is crucial in today's competitive market.  Ever wonder how emerging brands are able to establish brand recognition within a short period of time?  What are the value, mission and essence of a thriving brand?  

In Next Magazine's "Brand Revolution 2011" supplement special, they will invite not only brand visionaries, people in executive positions at HK's 4As Advertising Agencies, global and local brands, but also start-up brands of Hong Kong to share their visions and ideas, opinions and beliefs, experience and knowledge in surviving Hong Kong's aggressive markets.  Fortunately, So Klose is honourably being included as one of the brands in this supplement special.   

建立及維持品牌,向來是企業行銷的重要課題,因為品牌的好與壞,將直接影響消費者購買力及公司營業額。為甚麼有些品牌可以在短短數年之內,成為街知巷聞的企業? 品牌的價值、目標及精神又是甚麽?

壹週刊在《創革品牌2011特約專輯中, 不單特意邀請了多位品牌專家、 4As 廣告界的精英人物、品牌顧問、多家國際品牌及香港品牌外,還會走訪一些新進公司。。《壹週刊》將剖析不同成功品牌的案例,造訪構建品牌不同環節的關鍵人物,由他們分享建立企業品牌的喜樂與挑戰。 『緣來這麼近』很榮幸地被邀訪成為此特輯其中一家本地新進品牌。  

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