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【Capital Weekly 資本壹週, Issue No. 457, 14 Aug 2014】緣來這麼近 So Klose強勢推出 深港澳浪漫尋緣派對So Klose launches “Shenzhen –Hong Kong –Macao Romantic Encounter Party”

14 Aug 2014 6:03 AM | Anonymous

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緣來這麼近 So Klose強勢推出

本港著名及獲獎無數的婚戀配對品牌「緣來這麼近 So Klose」, 專為專業人仕及行政人員提供婚戀介紹服務。品牌將於今年8月30日(星期六),在深圳麥思生活(MaxLife Café) 破天荒舉辦『深港澳浪漫尋緣派對』。 每一位來自香港、深圳及澳門三地的單身都市男女,將通過一連串的尋緣活動及遊戲,亮出真我,並敞開心扉,不但獲得友誼,更會遇見真愛。

在今次活動中, 多次被美國CNN電視台邀訪的著名華人易學大師張駿曜先生, 更會擔任特别嘉賓,免費為現場各位單身男女,分析各生肖於馬年及羊年姻缘運程。 在香港及深圳報名站中,將同時招收香港、深圳及澳門三地,具大專學歷的單身男女, 並提供早報名及同行優惠。活動至今反應熱烈, 已收到大量來自深港澳三地青年踴躍報名。現時尚餘少量名額, 勿失良緣,詳情請瀏覧

So Klose launches “Shenzhen –Hong Kong –Macao Romantic Encounter Party”

The famous multi award-winning dating and matchmaking brand “So Klose”, which dedicated in providing marriage introduction service for professionals and executives, will organize first-ever event of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Romantic Encounter Party” at MaxLife Café in Shenzhen on 30th August (Saturday). Every single man and woman from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau is seeking his/her potential partner through a series of activities and games. The participants will open their hearts through the event, not only win the friendship, but will meet true love.

In this event, the special guest, Mr Albert Cheung who is a renowned I-ching Master and has been repeatedly interviewed by the famous CNN television in the US, will provide free of charge analysis on marriage astrology and fortune for each Zodiac Year in the year of the Horse and Goat. Registration stations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen will recruit the single men and women from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau with tertiary education; and to offer early bird registration or joining together discount. Till now, the company received the overwhelming responses from the three places. At present, a small percentage of seats are available to purchase, please grasp this golden opportunity to meet the one. For details, please visit

緣來這麼近 So Klose強勢推出


本港著名及獲獎無數的婚戀配對品牌「緣來這麼近 So Klose專為專業人仕及行政人員提供婚戀介紹服務。品牌將於今年830(星期六)在深圳麥思生活(MaxLife Café) 破天荒舉辦『深港澳浪漫尋緣派對』。 每一位來自香港、深圳及澳門三地的單身都市男女,將通過一連串的尋緣活動及遊戲,亮出真我,並敞開心扉,不但獲得友誼,更會遇見真愛。 

在今次活動中, 多次被美國CNN電視台邀訪的著名華人易學大師張駿曜先生更會擔任特别嘉賓,免費為現場各位單身男女,分析各生肖於馬年及羊年姻運程。 在香港及深圳報名站中,將同時招收香港、深圳及澳門三地,具大專學歷的單身男女並提供早報名及同行優惠。活動至今反應熱烈, 已收到大量來自深港澳三地青年踴躍報名。現時尚餘少量名額, 勿失良緣,詳情請瀏覧

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