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SO KLOSE 緣來這麽近

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The Company

Since its inception in early 2010, So Klose® makes use of scientific, objective, transparent and accurate methods and combines optimized traditional and innovative modern approaches to build the emerging dating and matchmaking service brand.  So Klose® refers to "So Close" which means through their services, love may be within close proximity.

So Klose has been receiving overwhelming responses from the single elites within the local communities in a few years.  Now, 40% So Klose’s new clients are referrals by their friends (i.e. So Klose’s successful matching couples). So Klose® provides only one-on-one dating service and targets the niche market of professionals, entrepreneurs and celebrities. The customer-focused belief of So Klose® stands out in the market - to provide customers with exclusive personal introduction services. So Klose® is the first bespoke introduction agency in Hong Kong to launch the "Hunting Method" to search the target potential partner for its clients. Also, So Klose is Asia’s the first ISO9001:2008 certified dating services company.

So Klose® won “2011 Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand Award" which elevated So Klose's local presence in line with So Klose’s aim to be the preferred dating and match making services provider.  In 2012, So Klose won "The 16th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award" by City Junior Chamber, and received "National Matchmaking Consultant" qualification by The China Human Resource Bureau.  In 2013, So Klose has been short-listed as one of the 100 Hong Kong  Brands by Hong Kong Brand Development Council to display information at a showcase in Xiamen, China; and approved as an "Executive Member" and "Certified Matchmaker" by the Matchmaking Institute in New York, USA.  Besides, So Klose became the first matchmaking and dating services company in Hong Kong and Macao to receive the state honour of “China’s Top Ten Model Brands in Matchmaking, Dating and Personal Introduction Services” in Beijing in May 2013; and honoured with" The Hong Kong 's Most Valuable Companies Award 2014 - The Most Reliable Dating and Matchmaking Services Company" in November 2013.

So Klose will take advantage of its brand, breaking geographical boundaries, to nurture the next generation of talent by promoting its quality female members to overseas and Mainland Chinese single gentlemen.


緣來這麼近®自2010年創立品牌以來,以科學、客觀、公開、準確為宗旨,並以各種優化傳統及創新方法,打造約會婚戀新興服務品牌,對單身人士而言是一種全新體驗。 So Klose®顧名思義是指「 So Close」, 緣份可能是咫尺之間, 透過他們的服務, 為有情人穿針引線,撮合良緣。原來,緣是這麼近。

So Klose®用短短數年的時間吸收經驗和擴充,瞬即贏得本地單身精英人士的積極迴響,四成的新客戶都是來自成功配對的客戶口碑推薦。 緣來這麼近®定位於縫隙市場,在會員群中以專業人仕及行內知名人仕居多,特別注意私隱度,隻提供單對單約會服務。

緣來這麼近®以客為尊的信念在市場上鶴立雞群 - 為客戶提供專屬的覓偶方案, 是首家通過「獵頭方式」為其客戶精準覓偶度身定制的婚戀中介機構;亦是亞洲業界首家榮獲 ISO9001:2008 質量管理體系認證的公司,加強了其服務體系的公信力。

緣來這麼近®榮獲 2011年「香港新星服務品牌」殊榮,有助提升其在香港市場的地位。於2012年 榮獲城市青年商會第16屆稻香創意創業大賞, 及獲中國人力資源和社會保障部頒發「婚戀顧問師」資格。又於2013年通過香港品牌發展局及香港中華廠商會主辦機構的遴選,成為100個香港富有代表性的品牌之一, 免費參展「2013年廈門工展會」, 以彰顯香港品牌的優越形象和最新風貌。同年, 亦獲美國紐約婚配研究所頒發「行政委員」及「認證紅娘」資格。 此外,緣來這麼近更成為港澳第一間婚戀約會服務機構獲國家殊榮 - 於2013年5月在北京摘得了「中國婚戀介紹服務公眾滿意十佳典范品牌」 獎項; 並於2013年11月很榮幸獲頒發「2014年度香港最有價值的企業大獎- 最可靠的約會和婚介服務公司」榮譽稱號。

緣來這麼近®希望利用作為香港品牌的優勢,打破地域界限,平衡中港兩地單身男女專才比例不均的情況, 達致兩地人才優勢互補; 積極推廣及介紹香港單身優質女士給來自世界各地華僑及中國內地優質單身男仕們。 一方面可以促進人口協調發展;另一方面可以結合海外華僑、港澳地區社會專才、知識分子及國內精英專才尖子做婚配,為國家培育下一代人才方面貢獻棉力。

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