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Key Statistics on Women and Men in Hong Kong - 2013

04 Oct 2013 5:11 AM | Anonymous
Hong Kong women outnumbered men in the age group of 20 to 49 that is 444,900 more women than men, according to 2013 Census data included in a Hong Kong Key Statistics 2013 report (Women and Men in Hong Kong – Key Statstics 2013 Edition),  by Hong Kong Census and Statistics Department [Chart 1.1 - Population Pyramids].    

At the same time, comparing with the 1986 and 2012 census data, the rate of never-married females has been greatly going up by 64.2% that is greater than the rate of never-married men by 17.1%. [Chart 1.2 - Never Married Persons are Increasing in Hong Kong].   

根據2012年香港政府統計處的人口普查數據主要統計數字報告, 香港女性人數超過男性,在20至49歲年齡組別,女性比男性多了444,900人 [見圖1.1 – 2012年香港人口金字塔]。

同時, 1986年與 2012年人口普查數據相比,從未結婚女性的升幅數字,已大大上升64.20%,遠遠大於從未結婚男性的17.10%的升幅速度。 [見圖1.2 - 香港從未結婚者越來越多]。

Chart 1.1 - Hong Kong Population Pyramids 2012
圖1.1 – 2012年香港人口金字塔

Chart 1.2 - Never Married Persons are Increasing in Hong Kong
圖1.2 - 香港從未結婚者越來越多
Market Trends - Demographics Data  (in thousands)  [Population Aged 15 or Over by Marital Status, Age Group and Sex]

Data Compiled from: Women and Men in Hong Kong, Key Statistics 2012 Edition, Demographic Statistics Section, Census and Statistics Department, Hong Kong

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