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Newsroom 新聞動態

Newsroom - This section provides the latest press releases and media coverage from So Klose.  Please bookmark this page and check it as often as you can.

新聞動態 - 來自緣來這麼近最新的新聞動態和媒體報導。

  • 26 Mar 2015 3:41 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose Successfully Achieves ISO 9001_2008 Recertification - Yahoo Finance.pdf

    So Klose Successfully Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Recertification

    Asia's first matchmaking and dating service to achieve ISO9001:2008 certification

    HONG KONG, March 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- So Klose is proud to announce that its service team successfully passed the second ISO9001:2008 QMS recertification audit with zero non-conformities in end-2014 which was certified by SGS, first within the industry in Asia.

    So Klose has been an ISO9001:2008 certified matchmaking and dating services company since 2011 and was recertified in December 2014 with zero non-conformities in end-2014 which was certified by SGS, first within the industry in Asia..

    Created in 2009, today the multi-award-winning So Klose upscale dating and matchmaking agency offers services for single executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in the Chinese community.

    The recent audit examined So Klose's business practices and internal management procedures to ensure they meet international quality standards and customer requirements. The audit also examined processes for continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, procedural control, training and internal communications with an overall customer satisfaction rate of over 96%. This is So Klose's second ISO certification.

    ISO 9001:2008 is based on a number of quality management principles including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement, establishment of clear policies, planning and implementation, resource management and efficient process control.

    "Obtaining the renewed ISO:9001 certificate strengthens our reputation as a trustworthy service provider and assures our present and prospective clients that our quality is beyond standard in the marketplace," says Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose. "External certification of our quality management system is an independent validation of So Klose's commitment to quality. It provides an invaluable edge in the matchmaking and dating services sector and offers an accredited approach to deliver quality services, improves our business processes and expands our business opportunities."


    So Klose® is providing matchmaking, dating, and personal introduction services to single elites. Most of the members are well-educated, high-income earners, executives working overseas, professionals, and entrepreneurs.

    The majority of its members (97%) hold university degrees; about half of the male members and female members have studied abroad. So Klose® has received first-time industry awards, such as: "The Most Reliable Dating and Matchmaking Services Company" at Hong Kong's Most Valuable Companies Awards 2014; the "China's Top Ten Model Brands in Matchmaking, Dating and Personal Introduction Services"; "16th Tao Heung Innovative Entrepreneur Award"; "2011 Hong Kong Emerging Service Brand"; the ISO9001:2008 QMS certification, first within the industry in Asia, and the "Intellectual Capital Management Excellence Award", as well as the "national matchmaking consultant" qualification awarded by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, and the "Executive Member" and "Certified Matchmaker" qualifications awarded by the Matchmaking Institute of New York, USA.


  • 26 Mar 2015 2:23 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose held an exhibit booth successfully at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) on 25 March 2015 during the Entrepreneurship Week campaign. 

    The booth attracted steady interest throughout the exhibition and gave us the opportunity to share and meet the HKUST elites so that they could learn more about So Klose’s brand and services

  • 17 Mar 2015 7:51 AM | Anonymous

    緣來這麼近接受晴報訪問: 怨前度大花筒 

    慳妹尋「捱得」男友 (晴報) 
    So Klose was interviewed by Sky Post

    社工:樓價太高 年輕人寧及時行樂


    八十後月入十萬 家用畀三千

    極速約會公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn Chan指,部分男生因為是獨生子,被父母寵愛而沒有家庭負擔,習慣「搵幾多使幾多」。「曾有對八十後夫婦,男的任職獵頭公司主管,月入十萬,每月只給妻子三千元家用,其他全花費在應酬、玩車及打Golf!」


  • 17 Mar 2015 1:47 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose will have a booth at the HKUST "Entrepreneurship Week 2015" on Wednesday, 25 March 2015

    The HKUST "Entrepreneurship Week 2015" is a unique opportunity to connect and network with start-up companies, entrepreneurs and business groups in the region. There are more than 150 start-up companies and organizations from education, design, internet, ecommerce, retail, high tech companies and other industries to participate in this event. So Klose will have a booth at this essential event at the HKUST campus on the following date and time.

    Date: March 25, 2015
    Time: 10: 30-16: 00
    Location: LTC door, Booth C1

    So Klose 對科大《2015創業週》的支持,成功向科大創業中心申請宣傳攤位。 由於報名機構眾多, 已經有超過150家創業公司或創業團體報名參加。 科大《2015創業周》是為對創業人提供一個交流平台以宣傳自己的創業項目。

    而 So Klose公司擺設宣傳攤位詳情為:

    日期: 3月25日
    時間: 10:30-16:00
    地點: LTC 門口, 攤位號 C1


  • 04 Mar 2015 8:16 AM | Anonymous

    Carolyn Chan has been elected and appointed as the Director to 2015-2016 Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)'s Board of Directors at The 5th Inauguration Ceremony of the Board of IEA which was held at Royal Plaza Hotel on 4th March 2015.  Carolyn is the founder of So Klose and a winner of Innovative Entrepreneur Award 2012. She has been serving as a full member of IEA since 2012.

    As a Director, Carolyn's role will assist the Board of Directors in shaping the future of the organization; to support and promote the IEA's events and activities of interest to IEA as well as to enhance the vitality of entrepreneurship in the community. 

    About Innovative Entrepreneur Association (IEA)

    IEA was established as a non-profit organization in 2008 by a group of “Innovative Entrepreneur Award” winners.   They are local entrepreneurs who have come together with the following objectives: to promote the spirit of innovative entrepreneurship, to develop a strong support network, to create practical and innovative learning and business opportunities for themselves and for others, to cooperate with the government and other organizations, to share the experience and business strategies with other winners, to assist entrepreneurs who face difficulties and provide feedback to improve the competitiveness of Hong Kong. Based in Hong Kong, the Association reaches out and establishes relationship with counterparts in Mainland China and abroad.

  • 06 Feb 2015 6:01 AM | Anonymous

    怕拜年被問婚期 單身族忙相睇



    「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn Chan亦指,一月生意較12月增15至20%,節日愈近客人愈心急。「有客人心急想快啲見多啲對象,希望過年見到親友有交代」。其中一位40歲美籍男醫生因每年被追問婚期,特意飛返香港,兩周安排見了四個對象。她指,另有30多歲金融才女數月前「甩拖」,因習慣過節有人陪,故想盡快覓得新伴侶。她原打算在情人節辦戶外活動,但有女客人反對,認為「見到人人有紮花,自己在街玩,感到很難受」,最後改以室內活動。


  • 17 Dec 2014 2:11 AM | Anonymous

    LIKE Magazine Cover Story, Issue 68, 17 December 2014

    Like Magazine 封面故事 專訪:-

    覓個有心人  緣來這麼近 - So Klose

    Download Like Magazine Cover Story Issue# 68 下載 Like Magazine第68期 封面故事專訪

    So Klose 覓個有心人 緣來這麼近

  • 11 Dec 2014 6:57 AM | Anonymous

    緣來這麼近接受晴報訪問:首見女友落粧嗌分手 被轟膚淺  

    So Klose was interviewed by Sky Post (free chinese newspaper)




    為見素顏 約去游泳

    極速約會公司「緣來這麼近So Klose」總監Carolyn指,據她經驗所得,30歲以下的男生,近七成人會介意女友的外型及樣貌,要求女伴懂打扮及衣着時尚。「因為他們會跟朋友比較,若女友不夠標緻,帶出嚟就會比下去。甚至有人覺得如果女友唔靚,寧願唔帶出嚟,免得失禮。」反映部分年輕人頗受朋輩影響,希望女友漂亮,源於有炫耀的心態。




  • 14 Aug 2014 9:33 AM | Anonymous

    So Klose is a Gold Sponsor for HKUST’s Orientation Camp in Mid-August 2014.

    HKUST’s Orientation Camp is organized by The Marketing Students’ Society, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Students’ Union, Session 2014-15, also known as MKSS, is a non-profit making student association established in 1992. It aims at enhancing members’ understanding in the field of marketing through various functions as well as providing them with welfare. The Orientation Camp provides an opportunity for freshmen from the School of Business and Management as well as other schools such as Engineering and Science to familiarize themselves with HKUST and our Society. It helps cultivate friendship among participants and also a sense of belonging to both HKUST and our Society. During the registration days of Orientation Camp, there are about 1,000 students from different schools will participate in this event.

  • 14 Aug 2014 6:03 AM | Anonymous

    Capital Weekly Logo  

    緣來這麼近 So Klose強勢推出

    本港著名及獲獎無數的婚戀配對品牌「緣來這麼近 So Klose」, 專為專業人仕及行政人員提供婚戀介紹服務。品牌將於今年8月30日(星期六),在深圳麥思生活(MaxLife Café) 破天荒舉辦『深港澳浪漫尋緣派對』。 每一位來自香港、深圳及澳門三地的單身都市男女,將通過一連串的尋緣活動及遊戲,亮出真我,並敞開心扉,不但獲得友誼,更會遇見真愛。

    在今次活動中, 多次被美國CNN電視台邀訪的著名華人易學大師張駿曜先生, 更會擔任特别嘉賓,免費為現場各位單身男女,分析各生肖於馬年及羊年姻缘運程。 在香港及深圳報名站中,將同時招收香港、深圳及澳門三地,具大專學歷的單身男女, 並提供早報名及同行優惠。活動至今反應熱烈, 已收到大量來自深港澳三地青年踴躍報名。現時尚餘少量名額, 勿失良緣,詳情請瀏覧

    So Klose launches “Shenzhen –Hong Kong –Macao Romantic Encounter Party”

    The famous multi award-winning dating and matchmaking brand “So Klose”, which dedicated in providing marriage introduction service for professionals and executives, will organize first-ever event of “Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Romantic Encounter Party” at MaxLife Café in Shenzhen on 30th August (Saturday). Every single man and woman from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau is seeking his/her potential partner through a series of activities and games. The participants will open their hearts through the event, not only win the friendship, but will meet true love.

    In this event, the special guest, Mr Albert Cheung who is a renowned I-ching Master and has been repeatedly interviewed by the famous CNN television in the US, will provide free of charge analysis on marriage astrology and fortune for each Zodiac Year in the year of the Horse and Goat. Registration stations in Hong Kong and Shenzhen will recruit the single men and women from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau with tertiary education; and to offer early bird registration or joining together discount. Till now, the company received the overwhelming responses from the three places. At present, a small percentage of seats are available to purchase, please grasp this golden opportunity to meet the one. For details, please visit

    緣來這麼近 So Klose強勢推出


    本港著名及獲獎無數的婚戀配對品牌「緣來這麼近 So Klose專為專業人仕及行政人員提供婚戀介紹服務。品牌將於今年830(星期六)在深圳麥思生活(MaxLife Café) 破天荒舉辦『深港澳浪漫尋緣派對』。 每一位來自香港、深圳及澳門三地的單身都市男女,將通過一連串的尋緣活動及遊戲,亮出真我,並敞開心扉,不但獲得友誼,更會遇見真愛。 

    在今次活動中, 多次被美國CNN電視台邀訪的著名華人易學大師張駿曜先生更會擔任特别嘉賓,免費為現場各位單身男女,分析各生肖於馬年及羊年姻運程。 在香港及深圳報名站中,將同時招收香港、深圳及澳門三地,具大專學歷的單身男女並提供早報名及同行優惠。活動至今反應熱烈, 已收到大量來自深港澳三地青年踴躍報名。現時尚餘少量名額, 勿失良緣,詳情請瀏覧

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