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[新假期周刊 Weekend Weekly] 緣來這麼近很榮幸被選為《金漆招牌2012》其中一家優秀本土品牌 So Klose is honourably being selected as one of the “Gold Label” brands

27 Jun 2012 8:52 AM | Anonymous

[新假期周刊 -《金漆招牌2012》專輯, 668, 2012625; Weekend Weeky, Issue 668, 25 June 2012]


In Weekend Weekly’s “Gold Label” special issue, they will invite the outstanding local brands from different industries in Hong Kong to share their visions,  beliefs, experience and knowledge in surviving Hong Kong's competitive market.

So Klose is honourably being selected by Weekly Weekly as one of the “Gold Label” brands in this special issue.   For details or downloading an interview copy, please click HERE.


新假期周刊在《金漆招牌2012》專輯中, 特意挑選及邀請了多家來自香港不同行業的優秀本土品牌,分享他們的理想,信念,經驗和知識, 及在香港競爭激烈的市場建立企業品牌的喜樂與挑戰。

『緣來這麼近』很榮幸地被挑選成為《金漆招牌2012》特輯其中一家優秀本土品牌。  有關訪問詳情,可按此下載

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