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【Dragon Junior Chamber International |騰龍青年商會】So Klose was invited as a Guest Speaker on the May Monthly Fellowship gathering of Dragon JCI 緣來這麼近被邀為騰龍青年商會五月份月會 之演講嘉賓

17 May 2013 7:29 AM | Anonymous

The May Monthly Fellowship gathering of Dragon Junior Chamber International was held at One Sliversea clubhouse on Friday, 17th May 2013.  The main theme of the gathering is “How to be the Apple of his/her eye?”.  So Klose was invited as Guest Speaker to discuss the current dating situation in Hong Kong and to share the dating tips through a role play session.

緣來這麼近被邀為騰龍青年商會五月份月會之演講嘉賓。月會主題「如何成為她/他的最愛?」於2013517 (星期五)晚上6pm假銀海一號會所舉行。演講內容 討論現時香港約會的情況及通過角色扮演環節分享約會貼士。

Mr Eddy Chen, President 2013 of JCI DRAGON, presents a certificate to a representative of So Klose after the event.

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