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【Faculty of Science, HKU| 香港大學社會科學系】So Klose was invited by social science undergraduates of The University of Hong Kong as a research participant 緣來這麼近被香港大學社會科學系本科生誠邀為研究項目參與者

11 Apr 2013 8:26 AM | Anonymous

Recently, So Klose was invited by a group of social science undergraduates of The University of Hong Kong as a participant in a research project on "The trend of dating between Hong Kong women and men from mainland".   The interview was conducted at the office on Sunday, 7 April 2013 with the focus on the phenomenon of Hong Kong females’ acceptance of Mainland Chinese men as a long term companion.  This includes the recent dating trend of So Klose's clients; the "ideal lover”requirements of Hong Kong female clients; the possibility of Hong Kong female clients marrying Mainland males; the consequences of cross-border marriages if the policy of opening up the border was revised, and the reasons why mainland men would look for Hong Kong women as a long term companion, and so on.

最近,緣來這麼近被香港大學社會科學系一群本科生誠邀為研究項目『香港女性和內地男性之間的約會趨勢』的參與者。並於201347日(星期日)在本司辦公室進行訪問。訪問內容關於香港女性接受內地男性為伴侶的現況,例如: 緣來這麼近客戶最近的約會趨勢; 香港女性客戶對 「理想伴侶的要求」; 如果開放邊境政策進行了修訂對跨國婚姻的影響; 香港女性客戶與內地男性結婚的可能性, 及內地男性尋找香港女性為伴侶的原因,等等。

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