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[International Business| 国际商报]緣來這麼近很榮幸被中國商務領域具權威性日報《國際商報》邀請專訪 十二五規劃 「港澳篇」纪念專刊| So Klose was honourably invited by the famous China National newspaper 《International Business 》for an Interview in The National 12th Five-Year Plan’s HK-Macao Special Edition

30 Jan 2013 6:08 AM | Anonymous

把握十二五規劃機遇 放眼港澳 走入內地 連繫世界




《國際商報》是我國商務領域具有行業獨佔性和權威性日報,是中國政府加入WTO時承諾的刊登進出口管理信息的指定媒體,是海外發行區域最大的中國財經報紙之一。是目前我國商務領域唯一的綜合型日報,其規模在國內商務報刊中名列前茅,日發行量達到40萬份。 《國際商報》的報名由鄧小平親筆題寫。其具有權威性、定位高、發行廣、合作靈活等特點。

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So Klose was honourably invited by the famous China National newspaper International Business for an Interview in Y2012-2013 HK-Macao special edition ofThe National 12th Five-Year Plan.  

AboutInternational Business

《International Business》is a daily newspaper published by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China published in Chinese.

Focused on China’s economy, international policy and leading industries, International Business Daily is a leading publication for Chinese enterprises in the international trade industry.

International Business Daily is great for understanding the China’s perspective on modern trade issues and offers detailed data on China’s current trade trends and trends in China’s economy.

This is a great publication for those in the international trade industry who are learning Chinese and would like a free daily publication to develop their newspaper reading comprehension.  Chinese former chairman Deng Xiaoping personally wrote the newspaper’s name of "International Business".

For details about the interview, please CLICK HERE.

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