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[ELLE Hong Kong, January 2013] So Klose was honourably invited by "ELLE" to share the tips on how to《Find My Mr. Right》緣來這麼近很榮幸被法國著名時尚雜誌《ELLE》專訪分享如何『覓得有情人』

02 Jan 2013 6:51 AM | Anonymous

《ELLEJanuary 2013 Special Edition : Making Your Dreams Come True – Find My Mr. Right

So Klose was honourably invited by the famous French lifestyle magazine "ELLE" in its January 2013 special editionMaking Your Dreams Come Trueto share the tips on how toFind My Mr. Right.   (Note: the article is in Chinese version only)

The editorial team of "ELLE" selected six tough New Year wishes in January 2013 edition and invited the guests from different sectors to share their insights on how to achieve the unachievables which may help you successfully fulfill your long-awaited goals.  《Find My Mr. Right》was selected as one of six tough new year wishes in 2013.

Elle is a worldwide lifestyle magazine of French origin that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Elle is also the world's largest fashion magazine.

For details, please visit:

or downloading a copy, please CLICK HERE.

緣來這麼近很榮幸被法國著名時尚雜誌《ELLE》邀請專訪於第3032013年一月版專輯《Making Your Dreams Come True》分享如何『覓得有情人』。  

ELLE》編輯部於2013年一月版專輯細選六大棘手新年願望,拜讀各路達人如何擺平熱門願望最難之處,當中的心法或許有助你成功實現多年心頭願。  而『覓得有情人』被選為六大棘手新年願望之一 。

ELLE是著名法國時裝生活雜誌,以時尚導向,專注于時裝,美容,健康,娛樂的生活雜誌。ELLE雜誌也是世界上最大的時尚雜誌, 成為領導世界時尚的雜誌。

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