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[Dynamix Media 創動力媒體 - <自作業>第7輯.]So Klose Interview in Dynamix Internet-based Radio Program 緣來這麼近被邀出席創動力媒體 《自作業》為專訪嘉賓

01 Sep 2012 11:07 AM | Anonymous

[Dynamix Media 創動力媒體 - <自作業>第7輯.]So Klose Interview in Dynamix free online Radio Program 緣來這麼近被邀出席創動力媒體 《自作業》為專訪嘉賓

Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose, was invited to a radio show by a Hong Kong free online radio station, Dynamix Media, in “entrepreneurship” episode to talk about her aspiration and journey starting her unique dating services business.  (broadcast : 1 September 2012). 

Since going live in 2011, Dynamix Media has grown significantly to become one of popular free online radio sources among youths in Hong Kong.

Carolyn Chan, Director of So Klose, picture with founder of Dynamix Media online Radio Station, Mr Patrick Au Yeung

緣來這麼近®很榮幸地被邀出席創動力媒體 《自作業》  第7輯 節目專訪嘉賓,  分享創業甜酸苦辣、高低起跌 , 由當初「Home Office」,到獲頒「創意創業大獎」,成功招攬及撮合極多超高質單身男女,究竟成功之道在哪? [二0一二年九月一日播出]


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